Attention: it looks like something got a little messed up with the WebGL exporter. THIS IS NOT THE GAME! The "real" game is actually playable and available for download on Mac and Windows here:

At the moment it's sort of a minimalist, procedural, cave/room explorer … now with lava!!

Use W, A, S, D or UP, LEFT, DOWN, and RIGHT arrows to move the little ball/guy around. Hold a directional key (in the direction of, and while adjacent to a wall) and hit SPACE and you can pick up a piece of the cave. Do that again to put it down (or in whatever direction you want).

You can only carry one block at a time, and certain configurations of blocks (cough, checkerboard patterns) aren't allowed and may result in blocks being taken away from you.

Your only mission is to find the door in each room to get to the next. It's a small glowing-ish square somewhere on the right side of the map. Have fun exploring!

Source code (if that's your thing) is here: